Today is the anniversary of the tragic death of a very special little boy.  I longed to be able to comfort his family.  Each year, as his birthday and this anniversary come and go, I feel that renewed feeling of inadequacy.  I feel a tremendous loss for them and us.

You see, I have a little boy who’s birthday is only a few days before his.  I struggle as I plan for my son’s birthday, knowing that his mother is missing him.  Then spring begins to move in and I remember that day.  The broken hearts and the pain.  Our fear as we waited for news…  I couldn’t stop crying for days.  I held my children and prayed that they would never be taken from me.  I ached to comfort his parents even though I knew that (after my mother passed suddenly) comfort couldn’t really come from me.

Then my next son was born and I felt guilty.  They even visited us in the hospital.  They are so kind, thoughtful, generous and giving.

I still long for them to have what they should have.  What I am blessed to have.  They are happy; incredibly happy and God has blessed them tremendously.  But I still don’t know how or if I even should let them know that I, too, remember the beautiful child that they lost.   That I long for the friend that my boys should have had.   That, though I know that they will be together again in the arms of Christ, I ache for them and the things that they can’t have with him.

So, today, please pray with me, not just for my friends but for everyone that has lost a loved one.  Though we are able to move forward the loss never leaves us.  It simply stops overwhelming our hearts and moves to a corner to give us room for love again.


I was sorting through the news online this morning and ran across this article.  I thought it was well written and think everyone, especially all of the people that are against Obamacare, to read it.  It is about the way insurance companies are now handling diabetics.

You see, until the horrible Obamacare forced them to cover and treat fairly, diabetics were rejected by insurance companies.  If they were given insurance, they were charged outrageous fees.  Now they aren’t allowed to do that.  So….insurance companies don’t want to loose money so they are starting programs targeting diabetics.  Read about some of them in the article.


Monday’s Moto

Monday’s Moto


“What a child does not receive, he can not give.”  By P.D. James


This speaks volumes!  It may be the single greatest explanation for the way our society is today.  A person that has never had love, affection, compassion, understanding, joy, etc.  can not give it.  That’s why I believe that we all need to reach out to people in our communities.  Reach out and give someone something that they may never have been given before.  Change the world…one life at a time.

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