Go to the Local Corn Maze

Seriously!  You have to go to a corn maze near you!  Whether your kids are 2 or 17 or you don’t have any at all.  It is so much fun.  Now I have been to some lame ones but there has to be a good one near you.  Look for one that offers pumpkins in the price.  Some of the ones around here have all sorts activities, not just a maze.  You also need to find out if they take cash only.  A lot do because fall is the only time they open the farm up to the community.  Not only is the corn maze fun, it supports your local farmers and it’s EDUCATIONAL.

“Just how is a corn maze educational?” you ask.  Well, you can take a compass and learn about using directions.  Our favorite local maze gives you a map of the maze.  This is a great way to teach your children about solving a maze, following a map and staying on the path.  We have even had to use things like remembering where we saw certain buildings, trees and parking areas to get out.

Our favorite one is Cates Corn Maze in Henderson County, Kentucky.  It is fantastic!  The maze is huge and they change it every year so it will always be a challenge.  They also have a unique play area for kids with a tiny maze made from straw bales and tunnels.  There’s a huge corn box (sandbox with corn instead) and craft area for the kids and even a cute little country store.  There is one entrance fee and it covers the maze, play area, a free pumpkin and a bag of popcorn.  My husband always scolds us for eating the popcorn.  He says we should be saving it to leave a trail in the maze so we can find our way out when we get lost.  He’s too funny!  They give you their store number in case you are so lost you need them to rescue you.  They even offer parties and flashlight activities.

Yes it is kind of expensive.  We took seven people and spent around $40.  But if you are planning to buy pumpkins this season you will spend that anyway.  At Cates, you get to amble around the pumpkin patch and choose from any of the gourds and pumpkins in the patch.  Take the little wagons they offer!  Our pumpkins were so heavy that I struggled to carry mine out.

3 thoughts on “Go to the Local Corn Maze

  1. I love Cates Corn Maze! this year we couldn’t find our way through the first time and had to backtrack to the entrance and start from scratch! We kept track of where we’d been by noting what litter we passed – soda cans, parts of the map, etc. We tried picking the stuff up, but people had just left too much to carry! it’s a shame to see the maze all polluted. but it helped us get through the second time around!

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