I watched the Video of the Texas Judge beating his daughter

I don’t even know where to start.  It’s horrible.  The things that poor girl and her sister must have had to endure.  He didn’t even sound angry and out of control to me.  He just meant business.  He is a scary man.  I am shaking from watching the abuse and I have to blog about it.  How many people out there are going to watch this and not see what’s wrong with it?  How many people are going to watch it and know that’s what they do to their own child?  Or that it was done to them?  He won’t ever be punished for it in this lifetime.  I pray he has to answer to God for it.

Reach out.  Please, if you know of someone or you are that someone, get help!  I know it’s hard.  There are a lot of closed doors but please keep knocking.  Abuse is passed down in families like blue eyes and brown hair.  Kids that are raised in it often commit the same crimes on the next generation.  Please get help.

Know that, if this is happening to you, I am truly sorry.  You don’t deserve it.  It doesn’t matter what you do, you don’t deserve this kind of treatment.  Try to get to someone safe.  If you can’t then please know that you are special and beautiful and you do not deserve this.

If you are a parent that does this to your child or watches your spouse do this, please get help immediately!  You have to stop.    you hit your child you are taking away a little bit of who they are inside.  You are destroying them.  When you say those kinds of things to them you are causing them pain so deep.  You have to stop and get help.

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