Monday, I had an opportunity, even though it didn’t seem like one at first.  A friend of mine that I haven’t talked to or heard from in nearly six months came up to me in the cafeteria before school.  She was super upset and looked like she might cry at any moment. Of course I asked what was wrong.  She replied that she’d been having some issues with her mom and didn’t know what to do.  She talked all the way to upstairs Blue Unit, where we both had first period. When we got there, I was feeling…almost lost. I wanted to help her but I didn’t know how.

Finally, I just told her that I didn’t know how to help or what to say to make her feel better.  I added that if she needed anything, she just had to let me know and that I’d be praying for her. I saw her today and she looked a lot better. I didn’t get a chance to ask but I really hope I was able to help her.  It was good for me to be able to say that to someone:  “I’m going to pray for you.”  And I have.  And then, in small group, we talked about how we see God’s love in everyday life…and I thought about that.  How a simple phrase can show so much of God’s love.  At least, I hope it showed her God’s love; I think she needed it.  I had the opportunity to show someone that.  And I really hope I succeeded.

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