Breaking Dawn, the movie review

Okay, I took my daughter, Emily, to see the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I try to be as completely honest as I can so here it is…..I am NOT a fan.  I haven’t read any of the books and I have now only gone to two out of the four movies.

Here’s my movie review:

The storyline is shallow.  The acting is okay. The guys who plays Jacob is really coming into his own as an actor!  Even the wedding, though pretty, was lame.  My biggest problem with these is that Bella, supposedly the main character, has no character.  She is nothing more than a catalist.  She has no real personallity and is constantly making choices that make absolutely no sense to me.  First why she chose Edward over Jacob in the first place is truly high school and I will never understand.  Even she seems to not really like her choice.  Notice she doesn’t run to him crying at the wedding and say now everything is perfect with you here!  Wouldn’t you think that would be the groom?  I would.  At least that’s how I felt at my own wedding when I saw my groom.  Everything was perfect with him there.  Not Bella though.  She needs another guy to make her wedding perfect and he isn’t her father or brother or even beloved uncle.  It’s Jacob!  A guy she has known barely longer than she’s known her groom!

Next, she is really immature.  When she decides to sleep with Edward before he turns her into a vampire she is risking everything.  He honors her wishes even though he doesn’t want to.  Then when she decides to have the baby.  Again, total disregard for her own life and the rest of the world, not to mention how her husband feels. (I actually feel sorry for Edward.)  Even the other vampires are scared!  Not that I am for abortion but REALLY?  Okay another thing to mention here, it seemed to me that, that kid was going to be born whether anyone liked it or not so I don’t think it would have allowed them to abort it.  Remember that the placenta was impenitrable to even ultrasound?

I did think it was really neat when Edward let go of his anger at her and then he could hear the child.  Very nice touch!  I also really liked Jacob’s unrelenting devotion to Bella no matter how many times she threw him aside.  It was sad when he says that the vampires really are a family.  You can tell that he means it and wishes he could have that again.

To the baby.  Was that not the cutest baby you’ve seen on TV in ages????  The Jacob imprinting on her thing is creepy though.  Sorry but to me the idea of someone seeing a baby and protecting that child and being a part of that child’s life and then being involved sexually with that child (even though she will be grown by then) is creepy.  IMO

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  1. I just want to add that I loved the way they did the wolves in this movie. My favorite scene in the whole movie was the part where Jacob confronts Sam about the baby at the beach woodpile before leaving Sam’s pack altogether. I love werewolves on principle, honestly. Most wolves in most fantasy stories are just awesome, and the Twilight movie wolves are no exception. Unfortunately, they ruined the wolfy awesomeness with their overly invloved and revealing scenes of Edward and Bella definitely NOT sleeping when they should have been.

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