Books, Books, Books!

I love the library. New books, old, familiar books. a quiet place to read or write…

Of course, for days after going to the library. I get almost nothing productive done because I’m reading. I mean, I still do my schoolwork, but the stories just seem to draw me in.

And I have been waiting FOREVER for several new books: The Son of Neptune, Mastiff, and Inheritance. I’ve read Son of Neptune (book two in the Heroes of Olypus series by Rick Riordan) and presently have Mastiff (book three of the Beka Cooper series by Tamora Pierce), and am waiting to get my hands on a copy of Inheritance (the fourth book in the Inheritance cycle by Chrisopher Paolini).

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I'm Mrs. Kim's daughter, a sophomore in high school right now. I love to read and write. I enjoy working on computers and cars (did you know that an air bubble in your hydraulic brakes can ruin your braking completely? - until a mechanic bleeds it out, anyway). I also love dogs and horses.

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