Thankful Tree

Our Thankful Tree

Here's our thankful tree for this year!

One thing we always do for Thanksgiving is we make a thankful tree. Everyone writes what they’re thankful for on a paper or foam leaf and we stick it on the kitchen wall. I make a paper trunk to stick the leaves around. Then we can look at all the blessings in our lives every time we come in the kitchen door.

Another thing we did this year was have our Thanksgiving guests write what they were thankful for. And, just for fun, I put up thankful leaves for some of the pets, too, whith what I imagined they’d be thankful for: the cat, for the foster-dog who keeps letting her slip past when we let said foster-dog outside; and the foster-   dog, for the toys she loves to chew  the squeakers out of.

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I'm Mrs. Kim's daughter, a sophomore in high school right now. I love to read and write. I enjoy working on computers and cars (did you know that an air bubble in your hydraulic brakes can ruin your braking completely? - until a mechanic bleeds it out, anyway). I also love dogs and horses.

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