How do I know when to throw away my plastic food storage containers?

Okay, so we are reusing our old tubs or we bought those nice plastic food storage containers like Ziploc.  We love them but when do you throw them away?  Well, it’s pretty easy.  When they start to get llittle spots on them like the picture to the right.  The plastic is breaking down which means it is leaching chemicals into your food and air.

When to throw them away is easy but how do we extend their life?  My husband says stop heating them in the microwave and putting them in the dishwasher.  He’s too funny!  Really though it’s the heating and freezing that breaks down the plastic.  You should try to avoid heating things like tomato based foods in them.  The acid eats at the plastic.  Besides that there really isn’t a lot you can do to extend the life of your plastic containers.  We buy them because they make storing and reheating foods easier so why would we then wash them by hand and never use them in the microwave?

So, take care to NOT heat acidic foods in your plastic containers.  Don’t use a knife to cut the food in your plastic containers.  And Please remember to recycle them when their time is up.

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