Can I reuse those disposable plastic eating utensils?

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here and say that I do this.  Apparently, it’s a bad idea though.  According to the experts, washing and reusing these eating utensils can cause cracking and breaking that leaves tiny spaces for bacteria to live in therefore contaminating your food when you use them again.

Now I do reuse them.  I try to be careful and throw out any that seem like they have scratches or other damage.  Here’s why I do it… All four of my kids take a lunch to school and everyday they need a fork or spoon.  I used to buy some to use specifically in their lunches but I realized quickly that they won’t always come back.  Then I was spending a ton of money on utensils that were getting thrown out at school!  I went to the disposable ones but it killed me to throw them out because they are sooo bad for the environment!  So I reuse them a few times and toss them.  I am sorry to set a bad example but I have to be honest.  🙂


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