The Top Five Rules For Separating Syllables

I know, if you have kids, you find yourself teaching them all sorts of skills.  Here’s a little something that will help you help them with their reading and spelling.  Remember that it helps kids remember things they’re learning better if it is reinforced at home.  Don’t just leave this rules to homework or schoolwork if you home-school.  Whenever your child runs across a word they can’t remember how to spell, encourage them to sound it out and try to use the syllable rules.

In-case you have a first or second grader, I have a little lesson I learned from the teachers at my first grader’s school about separating words into syllables.  I know it doesn’t seem useful but it really helps with reading and spelling.  Your kids will probably run into it on standardized tests in elementary school.  I am giving you the five most common rules for syllables.  Of-course there are words that break these rules but it’s a great way for kids to begin to understand things better.

Rule 1:  When there are two consonants between two vowels the line usually goes between the consonants.

Examples:  pup/py, stag/ger, hap/py, com/mon, cir/cus, mem/ber, pic/nic, wal/rus


 Rule 2:  When there’s one consonant between two vowels, the consonant usually goes with the second syllable.

Examples:  pa/per, pi/rate, na/tive, si/lant


Rule 3:  When a word ends in le, the line usually goes in front of the consonant before it.

Examples:  ta/ble, ma/ple, no/ble, ket/tle, crum/ble


Rule 4:  Compound words are usually divided between the “words” (like sail/boat), and between syllables within these parts.

Examples:  blind/fold, snow/man, sun/shine, po/lice/man


Rule 5:  Prefixes and suffixes are usually separate syllables.

Examples:  dis/own, re/sold/, re/pay/ment



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