Do Kids Have Sinuses?

Well, today I took  my 4 year old to the doctor for a possible sinus infection.  The doctor proceeded to explain to me how that it is a fact that children don’t even develope sinuses until after the age of five.  Well, I was supprised to hear that since my son was just on an antibiotic for a sinus infection last month.  Someone was wrong here and I was pretty sure this doctor was the wrong one.

I went home and, like any good retired journalist, is googled it.  I guess The Boston Hospital for Children and the Mayo Clinic and the American Accademy of Pediatrics are all mistaken because they disagree with this doctor.

Apparently two of the four sinus cavities are present at birth and open.  The third is there but full of bone marrow and the fourth doesn’t start developing until around age ten.  Some people never get the last one (the one in your forehead).  The one full of marrow actually starts to clean around are two or so but isn’t detectable until around age six.

Like I always say, “As parents, it is our responsibility to be well informed.”

3 thoughts on “Do Kids Have Sinuses?

  1. Wow. And here I thought people were born with importent things like sinuses intact…silly me, apparently.
    but if all these other respectable medical institutions knew all this, why’d the first doctor put the 4-year-old on meds for a sinus infection if it’s virtually impossible for him to have one???????

  2. I got a sinus CT scan that revealed that I have a ativdeed septum. So the sinus sprays that I have been using were making the problem of pressure worse. They were not draining properly and were going up to another sinus cavity. After many doctor’s appointments, this information helped me the most because I understand better the shape of my sinuses and why sprays don’t work. Now I just stick with over-the-counter generic Claritin daily and an occasional pseudo-ephedra product over-the-counter for sinus pain.

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