Midterm Exams

Nobody likes Midterms. Usually it’s because it means hours studying or worrying. It means teachers nagging you to pull up your grade while you have the chance, because once midterms are over, so is the grading quarter.

But none of that is why I hate midterms. I hate midterms because it means sitting around and doing nothing once you’re done, if you’re not stressing out over the next test.

I started out midterms today feeling nauseous and throwing up at home from a stomach bug. I had to go to school anyway, because of those annoying midterms that are a pain to make up. When I got to school, my first test was Spanish. After I took it, I still had over an hour left in that class before I could go. I sat there and read a book – Mockingjay – that I finished with twenty minutes left before I could go to my next class. I spent an hour reviewing Social Studies (most of which I already knew very well). Then it was on to my second midterm of the day: Pre-Calculus. I finished my 17-question exam in 30 minutes. Then I had another hour and a half to do absolutely nothing while I waited to go to Advisory. After ten minutes in Advisory – again, doing nothing – I had to go to English for my third and last midterm of the day. The test took less than half of the two-hour slot allotted to it. Now I have completed half my midterms and am so sore from sitting it’s unbelievable.

See?¬†¬†That’s why I hate midterms – not for the stress, not for the endless studying, not for the endless nagging, not even for the long stretches of boredom after you can’t possibly study any more or you will go insane. No, I hate midterms because I have to sit in the same uncomfortable chairs for hours on end! My legs are cramping, my back feels like there’s a big bruise on it, and my head hurts. This is the true torture of midterms – and finals, since they’re done the same way!

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