Drum Brakes

Whoever designed duo-servo drum brakes, I really don’t care for you work. Yes, they are very good at stopping large vehicles. But have you ever tried to replace brake pads on them? I mean, leading-trailing brakes are all fine and good, but duo-servo drum brakes are IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The springs, once they reach a certain level of wear, take forever to put back into place after being removed. You have to hold the entire brake assembly just right and pin it in place while you’re putting it on, or it will fall apart in your hands. SO frustrating!

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I'm Mrs. Kim's daughter, a sophomore in high school right now. I love to read and write. I enjoy working on computers and cars (did you know that an air bubble in your hydraulic brakes can ruin your braking completely? - until a mechanic bleeds it out, anyway). I also love dogs and horses.