My Kids are Green: Yours Can Be Too

So you want green kids?  Being green is a family affair in our house.  I started being concerned about the environment when I was a teenager and brought my husband in when we got married.  It just came naturally to teach each of our kids about it as they came along.

I think that the best way to turn kids green is to show them first hand what they’re working to save.  We take family hiking trips to local, state, and even national parks to watch the birds and fish in the streams and look at the natural wonders in our world.  We visit zoos and read about endangered species.  Even kids as young as one year old can become connected with the world around them by simply taking slow walks in their neighborhood or a nearby park.

We even put out bird feeders.  Our children love to watch the birds at the feeder so much that we got a book on birds in our area and learned how to identify them.  Everyone wants to help, take care of and protect the things they love.

These outings will begin an ongoing conversation between you and your child about their world.  Tomorrow I’ll tell you what to tell them in those conversations and how to turn their love for their world into actions.

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