Part 2 My Kids Are Green: Yours Can Be Too

Once your family is excited about helping their wild animal friends, talk to them about what THEY can do to help.  Don’t focus on what they can’t change like what your neighbors do or the government.  Your kid might end up being the one that changes the world, helps make all water clean in third-world nations or solves the energy crisis, but for now start small and talk a lot about what your family can do differently.  It is really important to talk to your kids about how and why they should be environmentally friendly.  I remind my kids that it is our personal responsibility to clean up our own messes, not just indoors but outdoors as well.  As they have gotten older it has gotten easier.  They are more capable of understanding that there are consequences to their actions.  It wasn’t so easy when they were little though.

Tomorrow I’ll start giving you specific activities to turn your conversations into actions.