Feeding Your Backyard Birds: Part 1

Feed the Birds  (Mary Poppins says so). Of Course, there are two ways to do this.  You can use feeders or you can plant plants that feed the birds year after year.  I suggest both.

Kids love to make and fill feeders and then watch the birds flock to them and eat.  Recycled feeders and a really great way to teach your child how, reduce, reuse, recycle works first hand. Remember that it can take a week or more for your feathered friends to find the feeder and decide that it’s safe.  Be sure to hang it in a place that is safe from predators and you can see it from inside or at least a distance away.

You need to make sure that you keep food in it.  If it runs out too often the birds will give up on you.  Been there; done that!

There are also wonderful treats you can put out for those birds your family loves to watch.  Some are commercial like suet’s, others are easy to make at home like filling pine cones with peanut butter and rolling them in seeds.  The birds love these in the winter.  The PB gives them the extra fat they need to stay warm too.  If you want to try some of these projects go here and here.

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