Dog training Vocabulary

Before you can expand your dog’s command vocabulary, you have to expand yours. Learning how to teach your dog is just as important – if not more important – than the actual training.

First: Command. This is what you say to your dog (sit, stay, down, come). Don’t expect your pooch to know what you’re saying if you’re not using words she’s familiar with. Stick with the commands you teach her. (For example, when you want her to sit, say “sit”, not “Put your furry rear end on the ground!” She’ll just stare at you and wonder what you’re saying if you don’t use her commands.)

Second: Release Command. This is what you use to tell your dog that he or she is done working for now, and that they can relax until they hear another command.

Third: Patience. Yes, I know, you know what patience is, especially if you have any contact with other human beings at all. Parents, siblings, friends, enemies…all will try your patience. However, your furry best friend can take “trying your patience” to a whole new level.

You have to work with them every day for at least 15 minutes at a time. When you get sick of working on the same commands over and over again, your canine will want nothing more than to do them again in hopes of a treat. Or he’ll be unable to figure out why you keep saying the same word over and over while holding those yummy treats out of his reach!  Dogs take just as long to form habits as people do.

Obeying is a habit. Each command is a new habit to form. And just because he does what you tell him one training session doesn’t mean he won’t have forgotten it as soon as the treats are gone. Keep working on it, don’t give up, and DON’T yell at your dog, or hit your dog. I also think things like shock collars and those choker collars are really bad.  Even though it’s tempting. And might feel good. It just sets the training back, and it scares them.  Like kids, your dog may obey while you are there because they’re afraid but they won’t once you’re gone.

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