How Do I Teach Letter Recognition?

There are lots of parents out there wondering just how to go about teaching their kids the ABC’s.  Here are some of my favorite ideas.  I’ve taught preschool for a long time and I always use these.  Learning should be fun or kids won’t want to do it.  Children learn through their play not through frustration so please remember to make it fun and stop BEFORE it stops being fun.  Leave them wanting more.

First you need a set of alphabet cards.  Please don’t go out and buy a set.  Those are often too busy or plan old boring.  I made my own and it’s really easy.  You can do it two different ways (well really there are tons but here are my favorites.)

Index Cards:  Choose a font your child likes on the computer ( I used clip-art.) or write them yourself.  Print the letters in color and about two inches in height.  If you are printing them from the computer, cut them out and glue them onto index cards.  You can use the white ones or colored ones.  Let your child choose.  You also should use the gluing process as an opportunity to talk to your child about the letters.  Ask things like, “Do you know which letter this is?”  Kids love crafts so please do get them involved!

My favorite way to make the cards is to print them out and them cut them out.  I then used some small, laminate pouches from Walmart and stuck the letters inside.  I had to do this myself because it was too tricky for the kids but I made my card set 12 years ago and they have been used by more than 50 kids and still look great.  I laminate everything I can!

I have seen where people glued the letters on things like Legos.  At first I loved this idea.  Problem is that it’s hard to use them as your child advances.  You would need LOTS of Legos and that might get really expensive.  Oh and Lego actually makes these blocks now too and they are expensive…but cute.  🙂

So you need to make two full sets of these cards and extras of those letters that are often used like “D” and “S” when spelling words.

Get a cute little pencil box from the store for about $1 and let your child decorate the box.  This is for keeping the cards in.

I know that most home schoolers believe its best to keep “school” materials in the “school” area but I don’t.  I think kids need to have their stuff with them for use whenever the desire to use it hits them.  My kids even have dry erase boards in their bedrooms even though they sometimes forget to put the tops back on the markers and my youngest has been known to mark on more than just the boards.  I believe that learning happens when the learner is ready.  If it helps at all, ALL four of my kids have started reading by age four.

I will give you some games and activities for using these cards next!


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