Kids’ Games On The Go

Okay, games at home are great but games on the go are AWESOME!  Boredom busters are needed whenever we go places that our poor kids are stuck with nothing to play with.

The Doctor’s Office:  You are trapped in that little room and your kids are getting squirrelly and loud.  (At least mine do!)  Bring crayons or washable markers in your bag.  Make real use of that white paper on the exam table.  We trace one another’s hands and feet or draw pictures.  One of our favorite games is to have one person choose a letter and then we all start saying words that start with that letter.  Mom is usually in charge of writing them down quickly.  Once we get stuck the next person chooses a new letter.

The Waiting Room: Whether you’re at a car dealership, doctor’s office or the dentist.  This is fun and easy. Carry a baggie of those letter cards we made earlier.  Make words with them or just let your little one hold them up and quiz you.  They can also sort the letters into piles of the same letters.  The ideas are endless and they can even share them with other kids there.  If you laminated them they can quickly be wiped off with a wipe before putting them back in the container.

Shopping:  This only requires brains and eyes.  Both of which you carry around anyway!  What could be easier!  Ask your child to help you find things that start with a certain letter or sound.  Say the names of things you see as you shop and ask your child what letter they think it starts with.  They can count the number of items in your cart to let you know when you’re getting close to 20 so you can stop before you max out of the 20 items or less line!