Want Your Dog to Sit?

One of the most basic commands your dog should know is “sit”. Since dogs tend to sit often, this is a fairly easy command to teach. All you need is some time and a few treats.

One of the easiest ways to get your dog to sit is to let her smell the treat in your hand. Hold the treat over her head and move it through the air over her back, head to tail. She’ll follow the treat with her muzzle. And when the muzzle (nose) goes up and back, the tail end goes down. As soon as her butt touches the floor, give the command and the treat simultaneously.

When you give the command, say only the dog’s name and what you want them to do. Example: “Smiley, sit.” Don’t say, “Sit down, boy!” Say “(dog’s name), sit.” Once your dog has her butt on the ground and you’ve said “Sit”, immediately give your dog the treat. Get a new treat and repeat the process.

Depending on your dog’s attention span, intelligence level, and how much time you have, teaching this command will take a few days to a few weeks. After several training sessions, though, you’ll want to start weaning your pooch off the treats; they’re like candy for kids (they love them, but they’re unhealthy). Do this by simply making the hand motion like you have a treat in your hand and saying “Sit.” Eventually, you’ll just either give your dog the hand signal (moving your hand like you have a treat, over had back, head to tail) or say “sit”, and she’ll sit.

Remember to reward your dog with your praise as well.  It makes the learning more enjoyable for you and your dog.  Eventually, your dog will sit on command without requiring a treat or praise.

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