Mom, are these Comparative Words?

I love this title!  When Mrs. Hagen walked in and announced that we would be learning “comparative words”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I started searching my memory for words that might fit into this category.  I started to think about adjective and adverbs; descriptive words.  Turns out comparative words are words like great, greater, greatest!  Why do text book writers have to make things so difficult?  If you want a DETAILED explanation of this please check out  They have an indepth, very detailed explanation!

Now that we all know what they ARE, let’s go over the basic rules.  Please remember that this is an early elementary school level explanation.  I am doing this to help you help your young child understand what their teacher wants from them.  It is not intended for a high school or college level student.


1.) When a word ends in a vowel,consunate combo like