Why No Tug-of-War?

In my previous posts, I told you how to teach year dog some basic commands.  Learning is fun for your dog though and helps to keep Fido happy and healthy so here’s more.

One game you don’t want to play with your dog is tug-of-war. Why not? It teaches them some very bad habits.

For example: If Fido thinks pulling on something (usually a toy, like one of those knotted ropes) while you pull on the other end and laugh and yell is great fun, he’s going to think playing tug-of-war with, say, your socks as you try to put them on is super entertaining, too.

Also, your puppy (whether he be three months or three years) will get confused if you want him to play tug-of-war with one item but drop another item, all because you changed your mind about wanting to play (which is how he’ll see it).

So instead of playing tug-of-war, play fetch, or hide-and-seek. How do you teach your dog these games? I’ll post and tell you!