Teach Your Dog to Come!

Ah, Come…definitely a command you want your pooch to know when she’s doing something you don’t want her to, or when she’s oh-so-subtly moseying off away from you to check out that awesomely good-smelling what-is-it she wants to investigate.

Once your pup knows sit and stay, come is easy to teach. You’ll just need a few treats and a few minutes. Have her sit, then stay. Take about three steps back from her. Say her name and “come.” Hold out the treat. I’ve found if you take the hand holding the treat and use it to pat your thigh as you say “come”, dogs will eventually associate not only the command and gesture with what you want, but the sound of you patting your leg, too. When your dog comes wagging up to you, have her sit directly in front of you before you treat her.

You can practice this command any time. Just grab a treat – or you can keep a small handful around whenever you’re home – and call out “(dog’s name), Come!” Every time she comes to you, have her sit in front of you before you treat her.  Don’t use a bunch of extra words like, “Come here you silly dog.”  They can’t really understand English.  Stick to one word commands.

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