I just changed the world today!

I just changed the world today!  Well, at least my little corner of the world.  🙂

I took my recycling to the county recycling center this morning.  I know that in itself helps the world but not where I’m going so be patient.  I noticed the County Road office is right next door.  You see there are several signs in the tiny town that I have to drive through to get from my house to town and back again and one was wrong and two have been missing for a year or more because they got knocked down by snow plows.

First the increase speed limit signs got knocked down on the south end of town.  This was bad because passing isn’t really safe out there and semis would try to pass other vehicles that didn’t know the speed limit increased back up to 55.

Then this past fall, someone put up a warning sign that said the speed was dropping from 55 to 35.  Sounds great but the speed actually only drops to 45 so a lot of times people would slam on their breaks because the speed limit was new.  This was annoying!  It was also annoying to drive by signs that were just plain wrong!

Anyway, I had been thinking about those signs because the county or state, whomever, was out putting up new road signs this week for school bus safety.

Sooo to make this short story even longer!  I stopped over at the county office to mention to them the sign issue.  Turns out my neighbor’s son works there!  Small world!  He seemed super nice…everyone there did!  They did have to tell me though that it is a state road not county so I was at the wrong place.  They gave me the number for the state office and I headed out.  I decided to phone the state office after I got Sammy settled for nap.

After I picked him up we headed home and what should I see coming into Cairo but the 35 MPH sign had been replaced with a 45 MPH!  I couldn’t help but smile!!!  Then as I was leaving the little town I saw a 55 MPH sign was up!

It is an awesome experience to be able to tell someone there’s a little problem and have them fit it RIGHT AWAY!  That is wonderful and I praise my state road office for totally being on the ball.

Even more though, I thank the people at the county office that made that call for me even though it wasn’t their job.  To them I say, “Thank you and may God reward your willingness to do the right thing even though you didn’t have to.”

And to all of us, I say, “Please remember that sometimes it isn’t in our “job description” at work but doing the right thing is in our “job description” as human beings.  It is the little things that make our world a wonderful place to live.