Wow!  Trust is really hard.  As I think about who I actually trust I can’t hink of very many people.  I’m saddened to think about the fact that my pastors aren’t on that list.  I would have to say that trust is a really hard thing for me.  I trust my husband but that wasn’t always the case.  I trust my kids but i know that one day they will do things that will reduse my trust in them.

It’s kind of funny when I think about it.  I trust just about everyone I haven’t met.  It’s just that people tend to let me down so I loose trust in them.  I guess that’s what makes it hard for me.  Unless you mean trust that people will fail you at some point becuse we are all human beings and in reality God made us to fail.  We are made to fail each other and Him.

Maybe the only one I can truly trust is God Himself.  He doesn’t lie, cheat or fall short.  He loves me no matter how many times I fail.

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