False Pregnancies

Okay!  It is official!  Our new dog is crazy.  We thought there was something terribly wrong with her these last few days when she started whining and running around like a lunatic and hiding toys throughout our house.  It’s just getting worse though!

I finally rushed her to our vet this morning only to find out that they thought she was pregnant!  Then we were relieved to find out she isn’t; she just thinks she is.  Now I’m really worried.  She was supposed to be spayed Friday morning and I’ve been told I should wait it out.

I don’t honestly know anything about dog pregnancies.  My cat, when I was a teen, had kittens but that’s the best I’ve got.  We always get our pets “fixed” so we’ve never had this issue before.

The shelter thought she was probably a pure breed that was used for breeding and was probably dumped when she wasn’t any good for that anymore.  She was on her own for a long time and starving and dehydrated when we found her.  It is obvious that she’s had a few litters.  We finally have her pretty healthy again and I wanted to get her spayed before she went into heat.  And now this.

I don’t know how to help her feel better and I have no idea how long it will last.  She’s refusing to eat much and we were finally getting some meat on her little bones!

I’m wondering if she couldn’t be acting crazy because she is pregnant but she’s not as far along as they think she should be.  I can’t seem to find anything about nesting in dogs that have had several litters.  I wonder if it could be like some women that have a lot of pregnancies, their symptoms show up earlier.  Or like women that don’t show any signs of going into labor until just before the baby comes because their bodies have done it so many times that they.

If any of you have any answers or suggestions, please leave them in the comments here!  I really need help with this one!

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