True Grit

Okay!  It’s Five Minute Friday again!  Here Goes!

What’s the first thing I think of when I think of grit?  First I think of strength.  Then the second thing is grits.  You know, the food!  lol

Well, they both make me think of my grandparents.  They were from South Carolina and were very strong people.  At least they seemed that way to me when I think about them.  My grandmother hard real grit.  She worked hard with her hands, her entire life.  I remember working alongside her in their huge vegitable garden in the souther heat.  She would work all morning inthe heat and we (us girls) would give up way before she did.  She owuld work in the heat and then come to the porch and shell beans all afternoon.

My grandfather had real grit too!  He built his own general contracting buisiness.  He worked on roofs and everything well into his fifities.  Even when I thought he shouldn’t have to.  He built both of the houses that they lived in.

They sure loved each other and it really showed especially in their later years.

4 thoughts on “True Grit

  1. Great memories of your grandparents. Funny how that generation seemed to have the market cornered on grit, huh? I love that you captured some of their story here.

  2. What wonderful memories of your grandparents! My grandparents also built up small businesses and homes out in rural Virginia during the 1950s and I so admire them. I’ve always loved hearing their stories and I miss having some of the relatives from that generation with us.

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