False Pregnancy Over

I told you last week that my newly adopted dog was sadly going through a false pregnancy.  It was a very difficult time for her (if you’ve ever seen this you understand) and us (to watch a living being struggling with the confusion and fear that she was gripped with for a week was incredibly difficult).

She is better now.  Yesterday, I noticed that she seemed a lot more calm and she wanted to eat, lots!  This morning, she is happy to be petted again and went out several times though she hasn’t wanted food yet.  I think she’s on the mend now.

We hope to have her spayed next week so that this never happens again.  The vet tells me that getting her fixed should prevent any further episodes which is good but we were planning to have her spayed anyway.  We love puppies but there are enough in the world already.  Our beloved pets need not add them.

And so I breathe a sign of relief as I write this.  I’m a little sad that my children will not be able to have the experience of watching puppies be born.  I adore holding and playing with those cuddly, squirmy things.  But Honey was so sad and frantic and confused.  There was no amount to consoling we could do.  She was crazed from her hormones.

I can’t even imagine how difficult the days must have been for her.

Please do get your pets spayed or neutered.  If you want a puppy, go to your local shelter.  They will have at least one litter for you to choose from.  If it’s a pure breed you’re after, call your local shelter and tell them what you’re looking for and leave your phone number.  Trust me, they will call you!  Emily and I have worked with one of our local shelters for a while now.  They will call!

And God bless you all that have adopted a pet, took in a stray, or donated time, money or items to a local shelter.