My Front Porch

People who know me know how much I love to talk, visit.  I love to share myself with people as much as I love to have them share themselves with me.

Well, I looked out onto my front porch this morning and noticed the wind storm from the other day had pushed all of the rockers and other chairs into one another.  I thought, “I better get out there and move those crazy chairs back!”  I went to fix them and decided not to.  The chairs are huddled together as though they’re filled with people.  People sharing a quite, intimate conversation.  Maybe they’re trying to be quiet because the children are inside sleeping and they don’t want to wake them.  Maybe they’re snuggled together because they’re planning a surprise party and they don’t want the secret to get out.

Those people in those chairs are happy.  They want to be close together.  I left them.  For now at least.  They need time to finish their talk.

3 thoughts on “My Front Porch

  1. How fun that you have a front porch w/ rockers! Do you sit out there in the mornings and evenings? Do your neighbors sometimes join you?

    • We use them everyday in warm weather. We live in the country so we don’t get a lot of neighbors stopping in but when we do have company, it’s a favorite spot to sit and talk. You can hear the kids playing and watch the sun set in the evenings. I am a porch person so I love being out there!

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