Hello, Monday!

Have you ever tried welcoming Monday?  I know so many of us hate Monday.  We complain.  We whine.  We fight it.  It always comes though, like it or not.

Maybe we should try reaching out our arms and welcoming it.

Hello, new week!  Welcome.  Come in.

At the suggestion of a new site I found this morning.  I am going to try just that.  First, it’s Hello Monday @ Lisa Leonard Blog.  You might want to sneak over an have a peak.  Just remember to come back!


Today is Monday.  I’m saying hello is a week without my awesome husband who unfortunately is away on a business trip.

Hello, messy house!  I hope to have you under control by tonight.  🙂

Hello, sunshine!  You have already warmed my heart this morning and made me want to abandon that messy house one more day while I work out in you.

Hello, happy children.  They went to school this morning with smiles on their faces, all four of them.

Hello to this wondrous life that God has blessed me with so abundantly.

What do you have to say hello to this beautiful Monday morning?  Share with me in the comments.