Tackle It Tuesday

Okay!  Here’s another fun link-up I found.  It’s called Tackle It Tuesday by Five Minute Moms, how fun is that!  Each week we blog about something we’re trying to tackle for the week.

My Tackle It project:  tomatoes

I had more than 6 bags of tomatoes that I tossed into my deep freeze the summer BEFORE last.  I do that when the tomatoes get too over whelming or I’m just sick of canning.  The plan is that I can them over that winter.  Well, having a deep freeze has allowed a few things to get left behind and now I have to get to these crazy tomatoes!  They’ve been in there too long already.

I have been “planning” to clean out the deep freezer for over a year now but there were just so many things in there that I have continuously ignored it.

I started yesterday afternoon.  I thawed the tomatoes and started cooking them down.  I left them stewing in my large crock-pot over night.  This morning, I cooled them and put them in the blender to make into sauce.  I do the entire tomato.  I don’t peal them or anything.  You can’t tell once I hit liquefy.  🙂

Then I put them back on to cook down.  I’ve got a pot on the stove and the crock pot full on the counter.  I keep adding more sauce as the tomatoes cook down.  My goal is to have these finished by tonight so that I can have the next set of bags in to stew before I go to bed.  If I keep plugging away at them, I should have them back in bags and frozen by then end of Thursday!

Boy does this feel good.  I’m smiling just thinking about having this project finished!  I’m already thinking of things for next Tuesday’s Tackle It project!

2 thoughts on “Tackle It Tuesday

  1. Congratulations on tackling the tomatoes! We had a bunch of bags in the freezer from last summer, too. My dh pulled them out and cooked them down into spaghetti sauce for dinner for me. I still need to tackle some more bags in the freezer!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Barb! It felt really great to get them done. Now I need to start of the berries in there. Lots more jam on my shelves.

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