Have You Seen God Today?

There’s this really wonderful lady I go to church with.  If you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind.  🙂  I wish I had the time to know her better.  I call her friend because she truly moves me.  I know she has more to tell…more to share.  I feel so much from her.  I think she’s awesome.  I get the impression that she doesn’t think she’s all that great but let me tell you why I think she is.

She’s brave.  She’s really, really brave.  I’m not just saying that because she serves in our military and has fought in wars.  I mean that she is brave because I see it in how she mothers her children.  She clings to them without smothering them.  They’re mostly grown now but she still holds them near to her.  She worries but lets them grow by doing things that might be dangerous.  She trusts them but still worries about them.  Mostly though, she doesn’t allow her fears for them overshadow their need to be allowed to make their own decisions, even if they might end badly.

Now, I don’t know if she’s always been like this or if this is really nothing more than my perception of her.  But it’s what I see in her face when she talks about her children.  It’s what I hear in her voice when she tells about something they do that worries her. 

That isn’t the only thing I truly admire about this woman.  She makes me feel like I could tell her anything, even the worst of the worst, and she would understand.  Maybe it’s because she’s see so much that I couldn’t say anything that would shock her.  Maybe it’s just that she understands people deep in her soul.  Maybe she’s just one of those few people that can hear you and feel for you and love you, regardless.

This morning at church,  she spoke a little bit about her experiences in Iraq.  I could tell that she was nervous but she told us about simple things.  Like how being there made the Bible come alive to her.  Seeing and touching the very things she read about touched her very being.  I was saddened when she told us that the Tower Of Babble was really tiny now because Iraq had sold off little pieces of it to tourists through the years. 

She told us about their feet.  The way the sand made their feet dry and cracked and sore and how it must have felt so incredibly wonderful to Jesus when Mary washed his feet and anointed them with oil.  I could picture it.  I could feel the way his feet must have felt.  The relief of having the sand washed away.  The soothing cool of the oil as Mary rubbed it into his weary feet.

And so I thank this awesome woman, for her service to our country, for her service to the world but most of all, for her service to our community.  Her willingness to share her experiences with our church…to enlighten our small group…to help us see Jesus and biblical times in a new light.

And so I ask, Have you seen God today?  Have you looked?