Are you EMPTY?

Happy Friday Morning!  It’s time for Five Minute Friday at  Our topic today is EMPTY.

Well, this is hard because empty is often a negitive word.

Empty makes me think of something waiting to be filled.  Your heart.  Your glass.  Your life.

Empty has infinate potential.  There’s no limit to what you can do with something that’s empty!

You can paint whatever you want on an empty wall.  Children are an empty slate waiting to be written on.  The whole world was empty and God filled it.  Anything can be filled with love.

Empty can be a really beautiful thing.  It means you’re waiting to be fillled.  THat makes me smile to think that every time I feel empty, I’m just waiting to be filled.  Empty leaves so much room for whatever you want you need.

7 thoughts on “Are you EMPTY?

  1. I love your positive spin on this. I think my favorite line is, “The whole world was empty and God filled it.” That is powerful when you think about it. Visiting from Five Minute Friday’s! Have a blessed day!

    • Thank you! That is really sweet of you to say! I have been very incouraged by these Five Minute Friday exercises.

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