False Pregnancy Ending

Well, if you remember last month our new foster dog had a false pregnancy.  Well, in the last three weeks she has been exhibiting signs and symptoms that made me think that it might not have been so false after all.

Today she went to get spayed.  The vets office assured me that they would not do the surgery (though it was safe to) if she was with pups per my request.  They didn’t think she was so our vet decided to do the surgery.  Apparently, when they got in there they found that ,for whatever reason, after her last heat she never shed the uterine lining and it was just building up inside of her.

They told my husband and daughter that it saved Honey’s life that we brought her in when we did.  If it had been left much longer she probably would have died.

So I am incredibly relieved!  I knew there was something wrong with her and when they told me there were no pups then I really worried.  I didn’t know if the vet would just abort them without telling us or if she had some terrible tumor growing in her or what!

I am truly grateful to our vet who took care of her and my friends, sister and husband who listened to me carry on about my fears and concerns for the past two weeks.  Thank you all for everything you do for me!  I love you!

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