Today’s Joys

I am sitting here in my bed typing out stuff I should have taken care of earlier today but didn’t and thinking about the book I read to my two littlest guys before bed tonight, The Berenstein Bears Count Their Blessings.  And so I am counting mine for today.

The thing is, I can hear the sounds of the traffic going by through my OPEN bedroom window!  That’s right OPEN.  I have turned off the heat and opened the windows today.  I aired out my house to try to get in fresh air and get some of the flu infested air out.  It didn’t hurt that it was around 75 degrees today!  So my heat is off, windows open and I am enjoying listening to the mating sounds of the frogs in the distance.  I love the spring!

Oh and earlier today, there were so many bees at the trees along my driveway that you could hear them!  There was this low constant humming sound all day.  I can’t help but smile whenever I hear it.

The flowers are blooming and the air is warm and the garden is tilled and ready for the spring plants to go in tomorrow.

And of course my two little ones that were diagnosed with the flu yesterday are feeling so much better that they rode their bikes and played on their swings most of the afternoon and we even did a science experiment outside and started sanding Timmy’s little rocking chair.  He wants to paint it really bright red.  🙂

Then my daughter and husband brought out newest pet home from getting spayed and we found out that she is going to be fine!  Hurray!!!  For more detailed info on Honey’s issues read the posts on False Pregnancies.