I’ve Been Thinking….

Yesterday, I read this really great post on thegypsymama.com called What Mom’s Want.  It really hit the nail on the head in so many ways!  Well, this afternoon I decided to stop back and see if any more people had added to her list.  They had and they made me smile.

But then it hit me that the things we were wishing for really would be a reality someday all too soon.  Well, not the carpet that cleans itself and stuff like that.  All too soon though, we would have more than enough quite time.  More than enough time for showers and using the bathroom without “help” and plenty of cleared counters throughout our homes.  Very soon there won’t be anymore toys strewn around the floors or lunches to make or meals to be hated.

That’s because, all too soon, our children will be grown; living in their own places; raising their own families; and living their own lives.  Our homes will sit quietly waiting to be filled with the sounds of our children and grandchildren.  Clean floors, counters and carpets and all.

And so, today, I am going to enjoy the fighting and tantrums and messes and remember that they will all be gone too soon and replaced with plenty of “me time” and travels and whatever else I want.

You see, my sweet Emily from Emily’s Voice is sixteen and she only has two more years at home with me.  Soon she will be off to college.  I won’t wake each morning to see her in her bed.  I won’t find her clothes laying around her bedroom and bathroom.  She won’t be asking me for money (oh wait!  That she’ll still be doing for a while!  LOL)

I hope this doesn’t seem like a sad post to you.  Well, I guess it is in a way, but it’s also  a relief.  You see, our whole lives are simply stages.  We are given these beautiful souls to love, raise, teach and enjoy.  It is only meant to be for a stage.  They are meant to go out into the world and make their way.  They’re meant to spread their wings and fly away.  They are never truly gone, not if you’ve done your job right.  They just aren’t right here beside us, at least not if you’ve done your job right!  lol

We have been given this time, this experience, this life but only for right now.  Live in it, enjoy it, breath it in.  It, like every stage of our lives, is way too short!

I just told Emily last night that I don’t have a “bucket list” nor will I ever.  That’s because I AM living the life I want to live.  If I knew I only had a week, I would spend every minute of it doing exactly what I do every single day.  I would want my kids to remember that THEY were my bucket list.

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking….

  1. Ohhhhh yes. Isn’t this so true?! My boys are 2 and 4, and I keep striving to fully embrace what life is like NOW. Some days I do better than on other days. I especially like that you ended with your kids ARE your bucket list.

    Thank you so much for sharing (I came over here from Lisa-Jo’s post, glad you added your link in the comments :-)).


    • Thank you! You are too kind. I’m really glad you came over and that you enjoyed your visit :). Please stop in again.

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