Tackle It Tuesday!

My Kitchen Before

Okay, last week the little ones were both sick by definition only.  They tested positive for the flu but, due to either the original vaccinations or the Tamiflu, their symtoms were over and done with by Tue morning.  That meant I spent the rest of the week keeping them busy!  It was exhausting and I did very little blogging.

Well I’m back and it’s Tackle it Tuesday at 5MinuteMom!  Today I am tackling the disaster that is my kitchen.  Check out the BEFORE pictures.  Who would have thought blogging would get my house clean???

Well, I got almost finished.  Here’s a picture of what it looks like today.  I did get the floor mopped after I put Sammy down this afternoon.  I straightened it up a little for the after pictures.  Not perfect but pretty good for my house!

The After