Are You LOUD enough?

It’s Friday again!  That means it’s time for 5MinuteFriday with LisaJo at  Check her out!  She’s a really awesome writer.  I think you’ll be touched by the things she writes.  I know I was.

So today’s topic is LOUD.


LOUD.  The first thing that comes to mind for me is that loud is a perspective.  Everyone knows when something is too loud for them but we seem to have a difficult time understanding what’s loud for others.

My kids love their music loud.  I mean REALLY loud.  It gives me a headache but they love it.  The younger ones turn it up and dance with complete abandonment.  It is really wonderful to see.

Our church plays the worship music really, really loud.  So loud that they actually offer ear plugs.  Sometimes I find it annoying but mostly I like it.  Not because I like loud music, I don’t.  But because I can sing with all I have and no one has to listen to my voice.  I am NOT a good singer.  That’s always held me back in church.  I remember a lady that sat infront of us in a different church.  My husband is a singer and has often served on our churches’ worship teams.  Well, this one week he was sitting with the kids and me and after the worship time, this lady turned around and daid, “It’s really great to have you sitting back there again.  I love to hear your voice!”  That made me smile…I had been sitting behind her those past few weeks!

The loud music at this church, though, lets me sing!  Really sing!  Giveing everything I have to the Lord.  I don’t have to think at all about my voice.


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4 thoughts on “Are You LOUD enough?

  1. This is too funny. My husband is a worship pastor and I lead vocals at a church that is pretty ‘loud’. At least you’ve learned to appreciate things about it even though it’s not your style. =)

    • I do really like that I don’t have to worry about what I sound like. 🙂 People often critisize our church for that reason but we like it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I attend a local House of Prayer, and our music is always loud. I sing on the worship team as well. I can appreciate loud music, and ear plugs (when needed).

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