What to do…….

Ever sit there wondering what you should do?  Like, oh it’s such a beautiful sunny day, what should I do.  Or, oh it is so rainy today, what should I do.

Our family has often found ourselves stuck in the “what should we do” situation and never do anything because we can’t agree.

Here’s what I like to do.  I have activities that we enjoy as a family written on index cards.  I used stickers like a slide for when the little ones were too little to read.  Depending on the weather, I choose options that fit and let everyone decide.  It’s really easy to sit around all day because you have no plan and then feel like garbage because you wasted the day.

I have activities and crafts ready to go so that I can pull them out at a moments notice.  I don’t like kids complaining about boredom.  I keep boredom busters around the house.  There’s always play-doh or painting if you can’t think of anything.  We even made a graph about gummie bears last week when the boys were home “sick.”