Immune Prologue

Immune is a story I’ve been working on for a while. I finished writing it in a notebook about two years ago, and recently, I’ve typed it up. I’m going to post it in sections. Feel free to leave comments on it. The prologue is twenty years after everything is sorted out, when the narrarator, Teara, is established as a storyteller…

Prologue: Storytelling

She has a … a presence, I guess. She looks, well, dangerous. If you walk into a room with enough people in it, you might not notice it, but get below twenty people, and she stands out. Her peers used to make fun of her for that, but she reacted differently to that, too. Their prejudice blinded them to who she was, and how, well, right she felt to them, to everyone. Silver Willfulls are like that.

You’re wondering who I’m talking about; I can see it in your faces. You youngsters have the attention spans of fleas. You are the bunch that asked me about Silver Willfull Emma Lee, aren’t you? You don’t really know who she was, or what she did, but you know it was her idea to create Willfull place. Some of you hate her for that. Some of you love her for it. Everyone acknowledges that she was the strongest Willfull of any Color to date. Well, Lee’s gone, and so is her Drifter Counterpart, Luthan. I think they’re both dead, now.

I see the surprise in your expressions. For once, I understand why you youngsters don’t understand what I just said. I know I’ve always talked about them like they’re still alive, but I doubt it, now. How did they die, you ask? I’m not entirely sure, but I know it would be as they lived, doing what they thought was right and protecting each other. But then, you don’t really know how they did that, or why, or you wouldn’t have come to me. Well, let me tell you all about how it began, happened, and ended.

Oh, yes, I am the right person to ask. I knew her before the whole mess with Green Radical Jakob got started. Only Luthan knew her better or longer, and he’s with her, where ever she is – or was. He followed her everywhere, even to the house of his nightmares, to the place he swore he’d never return to again…even to their graves.

Let me think …. Where did it all start? Oh, right, I remember now…Listen carefully, youngsters, and you miht learn something about loyalty and honor….

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