A Testament to the Jesus He Loved So Much

I was driving to my youngest son’s school and I thought of my grandpa.  It was a crazy train of thoughts so I won’t go into how I got there but I did.  I loved my grandpa.

He was so sweet, kind and gentle.  Funny but he reminds me of Jesus.

I never thought that my grandfather could get mad but I do remember him getting really angry one time.  Kind of like Jesus in the temple overturning tables.  This is how it happened:

My grandmother had type-two diabetes.  She couldn’t have sugary treats and had to watch what she ate and drank.

My grandpa was a general contractor and built their house.  I would say that he owned his own contracting business but he worked alongside the men that worked for him so to me he was a general contractor.

Back to him getting angry though.  One afternoon my grandmother was in the kitchen baking us a red velvet cake (I have never found one that tastes even close to as yummy as hers always did.  Maybe it was the love put into it.)  Well, Grandma kept sneaking cake and icing while she baked.  I don’t know how Grandpa knew but he came walking into the kitchen with a black permanent marker.  He wasn’t smiling which was unusual for him.  He walked over to the wall beside the refrigerator and wrote DIET on the wall with that marker.  My grandmother gasped and demanded to know why he did that.  He looked at her and said, “I will write that word with this marker on your new kitchen walls every time you cheat,” and walked out of the room again.

From time to time I would notice a new DIET on the kitchen walls.  I thought it was really crazy since he had just finished building that kitchen.  I thought it was mean and none of his business if she got fat.  That’s what I thought the issue was.  I didn’t realize when I was a child just how much he must have loved her.  How much he needed her and wanted her to be okay.

Many years later, during my nanny days, I went to spend a week with them.  My grandfather couldn’t work anymore, he was not too healthy.  They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  It was obvious how much they still cherished each other though their lives had changed so much since they first started out.

One afternoon my grandmother and I were talking and she told me how she would be having foot surgery in about a month.  I asked her if she wanted me to try to get extra time off and stay with them to cook for Grandpa and take care of things.  She smiled and told me that was okay, Grandpa was going to take care of her!  I reminded her that he couldn’t cook or clean.  She assured me he was learning and would be just fine doing it.

He did learn too!  He cooked and cleaned for her through two foot surgeries.  He told me once that he didn’t know why it had taken him so long to learn how to do those things.  Just like God takes care of us in our most difficult trials, my grandfather was there for the woman he loved when she needed him.  I guess he always had been.

Shortly after Grandma got well, he had a terrible stroke that left him unable to do most things.  They have both passed away now but I miss them terribly some days.  They loved me like no one else ever could!

So, the reason I think my grandfather is like Jesus is because he was always quick to love you, quick to forgive, quick to serve, and slow to anger.  But, like Jesus, he loved us all so very much and tried to set us straight when we did something we shouldn’t.  Like Jesus, he made me feel safe and loved.