Do You Ever Feel Helpless?

Do you ever see something going on and feel helpless?  I do, a lot!  Let’s share our helplessness and maybe we can help each other.  Want to try?  Share your story in the comments or put a link to your story in the comments and maybe we can change our world together.  Please don’t put world hunger or giant things like that.  Let’s start small and share our personal challenges and give each other the support, understanding and compassion we all deserve.


Here’s my first one:

I have these really wonderful nieces and nephews.  Their home-life is VERY difficult, especially sense they have no home right now.  I want so much to bring them here to live with us.  I want to get them out of their current situation and give them the lives they deserve.  Unfortunately, it’s far from that simple.  First, the courts and DCYF are already involved due to issues way before I got involved.  The courts won’t recognise me because I live out of state; way out of state.

I can except that I can’t help the adults involved but it seems so unfair that I can’t do anything for the kids.  If I give the adults involved money, it doesn’t get to the kids.  I live too far away to give physical support.  Right now I send care packages to the kids but I feel like that really doesn’t help and it looks like they may end up in foster care very soon.  What can I do?

2 thoughts on “Do You Ever Feel Helpless?

  1. Pray and then pray some more. And trust that He will show you if you are to do anything at all. When we go to Rwanda the needs around us are overwhelming. We want to help and sometimes He shows us where, who and how but sometimes He tells us to let go and trust Him. I pray that you will hear Him and know what you are supposed to do. I just had to come over here after you left that comment! 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Shelly. For both stopping by and your words of wisdom. It seems like He is telling me to be patient and let Him do his thing but I am not good at waiting. Sad to say, but so very true! Thank you again. I really enjoy your blog.

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