Do You See the Light?

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When I think of the word light my recent trip comes to mind.  I was in a plane flying high above.  I love flying!  I love the way the clouds cascade around the plane as it rises over the land, through the clouds and then finally above them.

I sat there on those planes enjoying the scenery.  The clouds are so brilliantly white up there.  They reflect the light of the sun perfectly.  They are soft, billowy, enchanting.  It’s so sunny and warm looking up there.  It took a little while for me to remember that those very clouds that brought me joy with their brilliance were blocking the sun’s light and warmth from the people under them.

I can’t help but wonder if I’ve ever been so blind before.  Do I block the LIGHT and keep others from experiencing it?  Do I delight in things that keep others from experiencing God the way they should?  Those clouds were so amazingly beautiful and yet they brought sadness, cold to other people. 

How do I see HIS light?  Do I reflect it back at Him but block it from others?

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