Do you ever wonder?

Yesterday was Good Friday.  I’ve always thought it interesting that we call it “Good” but I digress.

So I have been thinking alot about what the disciples must have been feeling and thinking during this time.  I’ve thought about what it must have been like for them to watch their beloved companion be convicted and crucified.  How frightening that must have been!  How confusing!

That next day (today) must have been a tremendously difficult one.  How frightened and alone they must have felt.  When I read these verses in my Bible, I feel the urge to shout to them not to deny Him.  I want to tell them that it will all be okay!  Better then okay, amazing!  Fantastic!  That they will see Jesus again tomorrow.

Ofcourse I can’t talk to them now but I guess that’s what I like best about the community sunrise service on Easter morning.  It’s like I’m with them in some little way.  With Mary as she searches for Jesus.  With the guards as they learn that Christ is gone.  They don’t know what is going to happen to them.  What punishment will they face?

I wish I could be in the room when Jesus enters and then shows Thomas his hands to prove His identity.  Would I believe at first or would I have to be convinced too?

How about you?