No Easter Bunny

We’ve never told our kids that Santa or the Easter bunny are real.  We enjoy the holiday fun but they know it’s just pretend.  You see, we want them to know why we celebrate.

And so, on Easter, we have friends over that have no where else to go.  Christ served those that had no one else.  We share a meal and fellowship with them.

We have an egg hunt for ALL of the children.  Hunting the eggs, for me, is a representation of our hunt for Christ himself.  He’s always there.  We just have to look.  Ever notice that the best hidden things are right in front of our eyes?

One of my favorite things people say is, “I’ve found Jesus!”  I always smile and say, “I didn’t know He was lost.”  You see, we often think of ourselves as the ones who find Him but really He’s just waiting for us.  He isn’t hidden, we just aren’t looking.  “Seek and Ye shall find.”  God promises that we only have to look.