Do you have Hope?

When I was on my trip last week, I talked with my niece that’s sick.  She is a truly amazing young woman…she really, really is.  I got to spend a whole day with her just hanging out together and taking care of her baby sister together.  It was a day I won’t forget any time soon.

You see, my niece knows in her head that she is going to die.  It breaks the hearts of her family and it breaks mine.  I want to hold her so tightly and never let a minute go by that I don’t tell her how special she is to me.  It is the truth though, short of a miracle (devine intervention – which I am still praying for).  I asked her if she knew what was happening to her and she told me the facts.  Then she smiled and said, “But if I live, I want to go to college and become a pediatric oncologist so I can help kids like me.”  Now she tells everyone that those are her plans for her future.  She still has hope.  It isn’t just wanting it to be true that gives her hope.  She believes in God and Heaven.  She believes in miracles.

Her faith has made me dig deep inside myself.  Do I have that much faith?  Do I trust God that much?  I don’t know yet.  What I do know though, is that I am not willing to stop praying for that miracle.  I refuse to live in her death while she still has life.

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