My Kentucky Rant Continued……

Okay, my other rant got too long and jumbled so I had to break it up so I could focus more!  lol

Another interesting, fairly new law:

Kids aren’t allowed a driver’s license unless their grades are at least a C.  It has been explained to me that this restriction encourages the kids to work harder in school.  I have yet to hear a teenager say, “I really need to get my grades up so I can get my license.”  Have you?

What about those kids that just can’t make the cut?  I remember really struggling in several of my classes.  I also chose some really difficult English classes in high school because they were interesting.  Might I have gone an easier route had my driving been on the line?

We restrict jobs for teens to give them more time for school work.  It’s to protect them.  How does that serve the kid who’s father ditched the family and mom is struggling to take care of the kids on her own?  A job could be the difference between eating or going hungry.  Sometimes, kids need to work a job.  That should be at the discretion on the parents and teenager.

One issue that I see so much more now is that kids don’t have any money saved for college.  I keep hearing on the news about how much debt college students are in and yet we keep restricting their ability to learn how to do an honest days work.

Now it parents are even said to be bad parents if they aren’t saving and planning to put their children through college.  Well, Ben and I worked and earned our way through college.  We both had jobs in high school.  I think we are doing a disservice to today’s youth by handing them everything.

Oh and I might add that in our community, there are lots of families that can’t afford the car insurance on their kid so the kid can’t get his/her license until age 18 anyway.  Nor can they afford to put their kid through college.

I am sick and tired of someone else telling me when it’s okay to let my child stay home sick from school and when it’s okay for him/her to have a job and when she can get her learner’s permit.  What ever happened to allowing the parents to make the decisions?  I hear a lot of school employees and others complaining that parents aren’t parenting but our rights to parent are being taken away from us.

And, for the record, I am a democrat so this is not a right-wing rant.  (no offense to any of you right-wingers)  Just the complaints of a mom that happens to think that she is doing a pretty good job as is.


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  2. Girl, you have no idea how much I agree with you. My son hates school. Always has. I have a 23 year old that loved it, and graduated. I have a 7 year old that loves it and does well. My son however, couldn’t wait to get 16 so that he could quit school. I have always told him that he will not quit school until he is 18 and legal to make his own decisions. I have fought many mornings with him, and I have fought with the school system, until the point that I am tired of fighting. He just turned 16 and I have decided that if he doesn’t wanna go to school, that I will sign papers for him to drop out. He is not a child with behavior problems. He is actually a good kid, he just hates school. I know that he needs an education, and I want him to have it, but you cannot tie a 16 year old boy down and drag him to school everyday. I cannot spend every morning arguing with him about going to school, and disrupting my other child’s school day. I have done everything. I have given him a way to get what he wants, and he tells me now that he doesn’t wanna drop out of school, yet, he doesn’t wanna go. He may show up in the building, but in his head, he quit school a long time ago. I get so sick of people telling me what they would do if he were their child. Well, he isn’t, he is mine. I am a good parent, he has been raised in a good home, he has been taught right from wrong and he has no drug issues or anything like that. He simply hates school, and I will be honest with you, he came by it honest. I hated school too, and I would have quit, had my parents let me.

    I like you, get tired of someone telling me what my child and I can and can’t do. Now they tell me that if I wanna let him quit, that we will have to see counselors. I am so frustrated over it. I don’t know what else to do. I am so glad that I found your page, you have said all the things that I have thought and said. And I really just needed to vent.. Thank you so much.:)

    • I am so very glad I wrote that post if it helps you! Thank you for sharing. There could be some fantastic options out there for your son though! Many states now have online school options! Our district offers a special school where the kids only go for a few hours and do most of their work on the computor. There are online high schools where your son can earn his diploma and still not have to deal with the classroom.
      Before you guys decide for sure to drop out, please try an online school. I know the state ones are free! I know Minnesota and Indiana have them. It is so important for kids to learn to love learning and hating school means your son was failed but there are some great alternative options out there. There is always homeschooling and in some states charter schools are a great option. I would love to hear back about what happens with your son!

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