My Rant on the Kentucky Drop Out Age Laws

Okay, I feel a Rant coming on!

I live in Kentucky.  To answer your questions….No we don’t all marry our cousins; Yes there are parts of Kentucky like that though (from what I hear) but aren’t they everywhere.

So anyway.  Kentucky is in the process of passing a law that raises the high school drop out rate from 16 to 18.  That sounds good doesn’t it.

In my opinion it’s stupid.  We already spend a tremendous amount of money keeping kids in school that don’t want to be there.  People keep telling me that making them stay in school will better our communities.  To that I say, “REALLY???  How?”

As it is right now, we have so many truancy issues it’s ridiculous!  We have a school in our county which is basically a school for those kids with behaviour problems or truancy issues.  We also have a special high school for our county for those kids that the district is having a difficult time getting to finish school.  These aren’t kids with learning disabilities either.  They’re just lazy kids or kids who can’t or won’t learn in a traditional way.  We have friends who’s son went to it and the kid still dropped out but he was allowed to return several times and came and went as he pleased.  He told me that he did his assignments online so he could do them whenever he wanted and no one cared.  Sometimes he even had other people do them for him.

I don’t see how this helped him or our community.  His parents eventually even kicked him out of the house after he turned 18 because he refused to even hold a job.  They are good parents and have three other children, all successful in school.  Would it have helped him if the drop out age was 18 instead of 16?  I truly doubt it.  You see, here he couldn’t even get his drivers license because he wasn’t in school and when he was he didn’t maintain a high enough GPA!  Even that didn’t convince him to try.

I’m sorry but I honestly don’t think you can force someone to do something they don’t want to do.  You just can’t.  Sometimes there just isn’t an incentive that you can offer to get the results you’re looking for.

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