13 Things You Can Learn From Kids

I was on Facebook and read comments from someone that doesn’t want kids.  This guy doesn’t seem (I don’t personally know him) to even like kids.  It made me very sad.

I guess I think kids are so amazing and awesome (even the more difficult ones) that I have a hard time understanding people that see children as messy, loud, unpleasant, money draining beings that annoy the people around them.  Okay, those things are all true!  lol  But they are so much more.

Kids are loving to people and animals that don’t deserve it.  They are quick to forgive.  People often complain that kids don’t share well.  I would dare to say that kids share better than adults.  We adults have a lot to learn from kids.

1.) Generosity – Children share their toys, food and love with others.  They are notorious for “trading” a beloved object to a friend simply because that person asked for it and likes it.  Give without concern for what you’ll be getting in return.  Share your money, time and love.

2.) Forgiveness – Kids are quick to forgive.  Think about how many times you’ve done something bad to them and they forgive you.  Forgive others.

3.) Faith – Kids believe.  They don’t just believe in God.  They believe in you.  They believe that people try to do good…that the world should be fair…  Have faith in your fellow mankind.

4.) Love Freely – Kids don’t let color, weight, wrinkles, or disabilities get in the way of loving.

5.) Friendship – Everyone’s your friend unless they don’t want to be.  Ever take a kid to the park and they play with everyone?  Afterwards, they’ll say, “I made a new friend.”  You’ll ask, “What’s your friend’s name?”  To which they answer, “I don’t know.”  Be friendly.  Play and work together with your friends.

6.) Laziness – Sometimes it’s good to be lazy.  Take a little time to indulge in relaxation.  Boredom often leads to learning, creative solutions and just plain old peacefulness.  So take time to be still and just think.

7.) Repetition – Kids love to reread and rewatch books and shows!  It drives parents nuts sometimes.  The thing kids teach us by doing this?  There’s always something you missed the first 50 times!  Keep looking.

8.) Admit you can’t do it without help – Sometimes we just need to be honest and ask for help.

9.) Encouragement – Ever sit and listen to kids on a team or the playground or even helping one another in class?  They say things like, “You can do it!” and “Keep trying!”  Even my four year old can be heard telling people, “You are so good at that!”  We need to practice encouraging others and ourselves.

10.) Be helpful – Kids love to help others.  They want to help with all sorts of things even the gross and the mundane.  Be helpful.

11.) Take time to sing and dance – It’s good for your body (exercise), as well as your soul.

12.) Get in the box – I know we are always telling people to get out of their box but sometimes you need to get in a good box and just sit there.  Let your imagination flow.

13.) Be Creative – Kids use their imaginations a lot.  Use yours!  Using your imagination helps you solve problems easier and more efficiently.