It’s Friday again!  Time for Five-Minute Friday with  The rules are that you write on the given topic for a full five minutes with no editing and then let it go.  Today’s topic: Good-bye


I’m having a hard time with this one.  I’m trying really hard not to have a heavy heart with this one.  It’s just hard to not think about how hard saying good-bye is.  I think about all of the times I’ve said it to friends, family and even people I barely know.

The big, really big times though are the lasting good-byes.  Those that make you pray that person’s soul is saved so they’ll be waiting for you in Heaven.  Those good-byes when you know it could very well be the last time you see that person in this world.

The worst ones though, are those good-byes that you said without knowing they were the last ones.  Like when my mom passed away unexpectedly.  I couldn’t even remember what we had last talked about.  Did I remember to tell her I loved her?  They are the hardest because you can’t remember them.  There isn’t that to cling to…to hold onto…toknow that you said your last good-bye without rushing.  I don’t remember if we hugged.  I don’t remember if we cried.  I just remember that I thought I would see her the next summer.  Now I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again.

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